8501 W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33615    |    Open til 3AM    |    Order Wings To-Go or just say "Hello" (813) 496-8898

Bilmar Station


Wings, beer, and cocktails.

It's what we do!

Welcome to Bilmar Station.  Town 'n Country's favorite corner bar since 2001. 

Featuring award winning wings, 20 rotating taps of local and national brews, over 100 other beers, and a plethora of cocktails for the more sensitive palette.


We like to play!!!!

Games Galore

Got a golf jones?  We got Golden Tee

Like to throw sharp objects?  Then darts may be your thing

Need to get some cardio in?  Foosball for your agility

Oh, wait, you're one of the smart ones?  BuzzTime Trivia is here and live! 

We aren't saying it's more fun with sticky wing fingers, but, see for yourself

What's happening at the Bilmar?